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Oscar Fantenberg: "It felt like a playoff game today"

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Oscar Fantenberg: "It felt like a playoff game today"

HC SKA defenseman Oscar Fantenberg:

- It was a tight, playoff-like game today. It was good to get a win. This is how it's going to be until the end of the regular season, so it is nice to achieve these two victories in a row.

- Are you disappointed that the Jokerit player didn't want to fight you in the second period? You received a roughing penalty for that incident.

- I have to be more careful in those situations, especially when we have such tight games like this one. I can't take stupid penalties. Sometimes, you have too many emotions in matches. I wasn't actually looking for a fight, I was just trying to keep him away from our goalkeeper.

- With the playoffs approaching, are you starting to look at the table to see who SKA will play against?

- It's too early for that, we have to focus on our game instead of thinking about possible playoff opponents. We must be structured and be as good as we can be moving into the playoffs. There are only a few matches left in the regular season, and we must be ready for the playoffs with positive emotions and good team spirit. We need momentum.

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