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Patrik Hersley: "CSKA and Metallurg are two different teams"

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Patrik Hersley: "CSKA and Metallurg are two different teams"

- Share your impressions from this victory. Why was this match so difficult?

- I don't know. They have a pretty good first line which somehow gets them back in games. We should have finished the match at 3:1 up.

- You had a personal duel against Sergei Mozyakin today.

- It's always hard to play against him. He is one of the best players in the league in terms of creating scoring chances. You have to be 100% focused everytime he is on the ice.

- Is the 3:3 regulation draw down to Sergei Mozyakin winning the puck along the boards for their third goal?

- No, I beat him 1 on 1, but then the second guy came in and took the puck. I have to watch that on the video. I'm not sure what happened.

- In the second break, did Metallurg change their tactics?

- Yes and no. When down 1:3, you have to go for it. However, I think that they played a hard forecheck the whole game. It paid off eventually, but I thought that we had the game.

- Did Metallurg have special motivation after last season's Gagarin Cup final?

- They are such a good team which have also won the Gagarin Cup themselves. Metallurg want to win every game, but they're a good team.

- Was it more interesting playing CSKA Moscow or Metallurg Magnitogorsk?

- No, they are two different teams. We have to be ready to play both of them. We do our best to win every game.

- Do you train your slap shot?

- I'm 31 years old, I just try to keep it. I've been told to use my shot as much as I can.

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