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Pavel Datsyuk speaks after game six against CSKA Moscow

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- Your initial thoughts after the match? What was said in the dressing room?

- What was said in the dressing room stays there. It's hard to believe that we've lost, but the strongest team won.

- Ilya Kovalchuk stated that this was his final SKA match. What about you?

- I am one of the many unsigned players in the team. I can't say anything.

- Would you like to stay?

- Are you talking about the contract or the playoffs?

- What was lacking in this series?

- Goals. We had a lot of chances. We made some chear errors which let us down. However, the main problem was that we didn't take advantage of our opportunities.

- Why couldn't you beat Lars Johansson?

- He played well and kept his focus. He played well in Saint Petersburg and was solid after coming on as a substitute today. We needed to score a dirty goal.

Pavel Datsyuk speaks after game six against CSKA Moscow

- Is your season over?

- I can't say. Time will tell.

- Would you like to play at the World Championship?

- It depends on my health. It's time for the younger players.

- You have won the Olympic Games and Gagarin Cup. Despite this defeat, how satisfied are you?

- All my thoughts were connected with the playoffs. There's a bitter taste in the mouth, we played well but the opponents were strong too. We're not satisfied with the result.

- Did the Olympic Games affect SKA?

- Other teams have Olympians too. It was an emotional tournament, but the playoffs bring new emotions and energy. There were a lot of fights. We want more of these games.

- The Kontinetal Cup winners cannot win the Gagarin Cup?

- I don't believe in superstitions.

- You scored against Ilya Sorokin, but it was a different story against Lars Johansson?

- He played well. We had lot of chances but couldn't score on them.

- What can you say to the fans?

- Thank you to them and supporters of Russian ice hockey in general. I will always remember the support at the Olympic Games. Thank you to them, I hope that I'm not saying goodbye.

- Do you want to play for a further five years.

- If my health holds up, I will.

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