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Pavel Datsyuk: "It's always better to start a series at home"

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- How can you summarise how SKA play and the KHL regular season?

- My job is to play, and not to summarise. We started well, had a small blip, and then finished in a positive manner.

- How are preparations for the KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs continuing?

- There isn't a lot of time left before they start. We started to prepare towards the end of the regular season. Now, we're preparing to play Spartak, and we only discovered the opponents a couple of days' ago. Both us and the fans have long been looking forward to the playoffs. It's nice that spring is coming too.

- Is it good to start a series at home?

- It's better to start at home, yes. You can prepare at home, spend time with your family, the SKA fans are here and it makes life easier for you. A lot of players become nervous in the first match, so playing at home helps.

- Many think that Spartak are good opponents for SKA given the regular season matches between the two clubs.

- The playoffs are a different matter. The most recent matches against Spartak were very difficult. I don't think that it will be easy, the difference will be either one or two goals.

Pavel Datsyuk: "It's always better to start a series at home"

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