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Pavel Datsyuk: "We scored the goals that were needed"

Salavat YulaevPavel DatsyukSKA - Salavat Yulaev - 131017
HC SKA press-service

- This second game against Salavat Yulaev seemed to be the toughest. Why?

- Yes, it was quite a tough match. Ufa skated well, played hard and created goalscoring opportunities. It's good that we won, we scored the needed goals on the powerplay.

- Other players are playing very physical against you. Was it the same in the NHL?

- My youth coach told me that if you are being hit, you are in the game, but if you're ignored, no one needs you.

- Why are SKA finding home matches tougher?

- The long winning streak is probably taking its toll, we all tried our hardest. We're a bit tired now, and other teams are really pumped up to play us. Because of our amazing support, we feel that we have six skaters on the ice, so we relax a bit too much. We're making poor mistakes.

- SKA didn't concede on the penalty kill for more than ten matches.

- The opposing teams analysed us and drew conclusions. It's better to concede goals now rather than later on.

Pavel Datsyuk: "We scored the goals that were needed"

- Do you need a rest? How does the team feel physically?

- The emotional side of things is more important than how we feel physically. Everyone supported us. We will move on.

- After losing to Sochi, did you read comments stating that SKA have finally lost?

- To be honest, I don't read what people are saying.

- The next match is against Ak Bars, a team which SKA haven't beaten for a long time. How will you prepare?

- Ak Bars play well, they focus on defence and don't make a lot of mistakes. It will be a test for us on how to break their defence. A lot of fans will come, an interesting game is coming up. We will try to win.

- When playing at their new stadium, a Detroit fan threw an octopus on to the ice.

- He did the right thing!

- They want to give the person a lifetime ban.

- I don't think that it should happen. He showed his emotions, it's Detroit's mascot. That fan will be at the stadium again.

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