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Pavel Datsyuk: "It doesn't matter who scores"

VityazPavel DatsyukVityaz - SKA - 250217
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- This is the first time when you have taken four points in one KHL match.

- I'm happy. The team played great today, it's not important who earns the points. The main thing is that we won, especially on the road.

- When a team is 3:0 up in a series, what is the most difficult thing?

- Probably, it all comes down to not relaxing. We need one more victory.

- Did you become worried at all during today's game?

- It was a tight game, especially when it was 2:1. It's hard to play away from home when the fans are on your back, but we heard our supporters too. It's great that we scored and managed to calm the game down.

- Was the third goal crucial in taking back control?

- Yes, the third and the fourth.

- Have you ever seen a player with such a strong slap shot like Patrik Hersley?

- He can really shoot a puck, it's great that he plays for us. I have seen a lot of slap shots, however Patrik can compete with the best.

Pavel Datsyuk: "It doesn't matter who scores"

- Vityaz played a rough game.

- It slowed the tempo down, there was a lot of controversial moments.

- The last time when you took so many points was in a series against Arizona in 2011.

- That was a long time ago, it's always difficult to get on the scoresheet in the playoffs. Today, the whole team played well.

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