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Pavel Datsyuk: "Teams have special motivation to play us"

HC SochiPavel DatsyukHC Sochi - SKA - 081217
HC SKA press-service

- After being on the sidelines for a long time, you finally returned to the ice.

- As usual, I needed time. Everyone is fast and strong. It's better to play rather than sit and train.

- HC Sochi have twice beaten SKA this season.

- All teams are pumped up to play us. Maybe our mindset wasn't right, because it's the end of this road trip and we're tired. The hosts played excellently, they skated well, defended and took advantage of their chances.

- Has the defeat ruined this road trip.

- A defeat always leaves you with a bitter feeling. We should prepare for the next game and correct our mistakes, taking into account that opponents are motivated to play us. It doesn't matter how large our advantage at the top of the table is.

- Do you have enough energy for the 2018 Olympic Games?

- There is a long time until the tournament, everyone is preparing. Even if you train hard, the games will still be difficult. I need time.

Pavel Datsyuk: "Teams have special motivation to play us"

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