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Pavel Datsyuk: "Fans are interested to hear players' thoughts before games"

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After SKA's morning skate ahead of the KHL home match against HC Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg, SKA captain Pavel Datsyuk spoke with journalists:

- I think that holding media sessions before games is a good decision from the KHL and clubs. The fans are interested to find out what players are thinking ahead of a match. I am thinking about today's game, especially given that Avtomobilist have recently beaten SKA a lot. Avtomobilist will definetly be pumped up for today's game. I am sure that the stadium will be full of fans who will support us really well.

I want to score a hat trick every game, but only once in my career have I scored three goals in one game. Linus Omark stated that I copied his trick? I don't know what he's talking about. The penalty shot where the puck is chipped over the goaltender? It's hard to say who is copying another player.

Mikhail Maltsev is a young, promising forward. He fights for the puck and tries his best. If he is given more ice time, I think that he can become more confident and improve faster. How are Alexander Barabanov and Sergei Plotnikov different? The height. Actually, the former is a more technical player, while Sergei prefers a more physical style of play.

Pavel Datsyuk: "Fans are interested to hear players' thoughts before games"

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