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Saint Petersburg and SKA have signed an agreement


At the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, an agreement of intentions was signed between Saint Petersburg and LLC SKA Hockey Club for investing in a project which will develop social infrastructure and improve the SKK Peterburgskiy stadium.

Saint Petersburg governor Georgy Poltavchenko and SKA Hockey Club president and board of directors chairman Gennady Timchenko signed the agreement.

The parties confirmed their intention to cooperate productively together and take the necessary steps in order to implement the social infrastructure project between 2018-2068 in Saint Petersburg and the improvement of the SKK Peterburgskiy stadium before 2023.

This project for the SKK Peterburgskiy arena will see it become one of the best stadiums in the world, something which will give Saint Petersburg an added impulse for improving its image and helping solve both social and economic problems. The city will fight for the right to host the 2023 IIHF World Championship. The stadium, children's nurseries and surrounding neighbourhood will all be included in the plans for development.

Saint Petersburg and SKA have signed an agreement

HC SKA president Gennady Timchenko:

- We have been working on the project for three years, ever since 300,000 fans wanted to attend the 2015 KHL Gagarin Cup final. The Ice Palace is a comfortable arena, but it hasn't got the largest capacity. We hope that the new stadium will be the best in Europe. It will constructed in Saint Petersburg! We want to finish the construction in 2023, in time for the World Championship which we want to host in the city. It will be an interesting competition.

HC SKA vice-president Roman Rotenberg:

- The SKK's reconstruction will be a breakthrough for ice hockey. First of all, we want to accomodate the interests of our fans. Usually, examples of stadiums in Chicago, Detroit and New York are given, but Saint Petersburg will also soon become an example. As you know, we have made a bid to host the 2023 World Championship in this city. Having such a large stadium will increase our chances as being selected tournament hosts. At the new arena, a managing company will look after the running of matches, concerts and other events. Our task is to hold around 250 events a year, with 60 of them being ice hockey games.

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