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2021 Nikolai Puchkov Tournament. SKA - Torpedo. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- SKA scored three powerplay goals today. How would you rate your performance on special teams?

- It's good that our powerplay is working ahead of the KHL regular season, but we are continuing to improve this aspect. We scored different goals today, which was pleasing. We also changed some of our lines. I am happy that we didn't concede any markers on the penalty kill too.

- However, SKA did concede when on the powerplay.

- Two players made a mistake for that goal.

- How would you rate Marat Khusnutdinov's showing in this match?

- We are happy. Our young players are performing very well, they can feel our faith in them. The main thing is to continue developing.

- Alexander Samonov is in excellent form. Physically, is he in better shape than Lars Johansson and Yaroslav Askarov?

2021 Nikolai Puchkov Tournament. SKA - Torpedo. Press-conference

- I wouldn't say that. In our next game, I think that Lars will play. We have decided to let the goalkeepers take it in turns to play two matches each at the start of the KHL.

- Will we see Askarov during this competition?

- That is a difficult question. We haven't spoken with the goalkeeping coach about that yet.

- Are you satisfied with this pre-season? What would you like to improve?

- The players are in good shape now. We are working hard every day, it hasn't been easy for the guys. Towards the end of this tournament, they should feel in even better shape ahead of the KHL.

- A lot of bookmakers aren't considering SKA as favourites for the KHL title this season.

- I don't have anything to do with bookmakers, so I can't even answer that question. Spring will judge everyone.

- Are you satisfied with the signings this summer?

- Yes.

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