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The presentation of the SKA Academy

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Today on the 11th of February, directly after the SKA - Dinamo Riga match ends, the presentation of the SKA Academy will take place inside the Ice Palace. All teams which are in the club's structure and system will come out onto the ice. Alongside SKA's board, and the club's players and coaches, coaches and players of the following teams will appear: SKA-1946, SKA-Karelia, SKA-Varyagi and SKA-Serebryanie Lvy. Also, players who have come through the systems of the following hockey schools will come out: SKA-Strelna, SKA-HC Drozdetskogo, SKA-Serebryanie Lvy, SKA-Gazprombank, SDYUSHOR-SKA as well as club veterans. SKA Hockey Club asks its fans not to leave their seats after today's game has finished.

SKA vice-president Roman Rotenberg:

- We have decided to hold this presentation on the eve of the biggest matches of the season to confirm that SKA really is one big hockey family, in which there are a lot of teams and organisations. This unique event is designed to demonstrate that SKA isn't just one team, but a large system with a lot of reserves. The club pays a lot of attention to the development of young children's participation in sport, and we hope that soon in the KHL there will be a lot of players who have come through Saint Petersburg's system. Also, our club veterans will appear: we want to honour what they have done, as we are proud of their game and victories.

The presentation of the SKA Academy

At this moment SKA doesn't have a lot of players from Saint Petersburg in its team, and as a result we have decided to hold the presentation now before the playoffs. We are sure that this will help our players feel closer to SKA, and once again prove that the whole city really does support them.


Right now SKA are working on developing the club's youth reserves, and there are more than one thousand young hockey players in SKA's schools. The construction of SKA's new training complex is continuing, and that will be located adjacent to the Ice Palace. The new complex will include two ice rinks, and all the necessary infrastructure needed for training. A new SKA children's hockey school will be formed out of it.

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