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Roman Rotenberg and Valery Bragin speak about 2020/2021 season preparations

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Roman Rotenberg and Valery Bragin speak about 2020/2021 season preparations


Roman Rotenberg: We can feel the support of all five million people living in Saint Petersburg. The city is with us! Furthermore, we do have supporters outside of Saint Petersburg and Russia, that is clear when looking at our social media platforms. We want SKA to be known across the world. Furthermore, we would like to extend our gratitude to the doctors who have been fighting against the coronavirus pandemic, we managed to raise one million rubles at our recent charity match at the Ice Palace. We have a badge on our jersey dedicated to them.

Valery Bragin: I also say thank you to our doctors who have been working heroically. With regard to our fans, they are always with us, we feel their energy. We will try not to let the supporters down during the campaign. Becoming the SKA head coach? I have gained great experience over the course of the last eight years when I wasn't working with a club. We are prepared to achieve the goals which we have in place.


Roman Rotenberg: You can look at our first victory in the KHL Gagarin Cup, when Artemiy Panarin was a key team player. Yes, it was hard to find a replacement, but we did that with Nikita Gusev who subsequently helped us become KHL champions again and win the Olympic Games. We are sticking to our traditions, playing aggressive, fast, technical ice hockey in the best Soviet style. Our target is to work hard in every training session and win every match. We know what we want to achieve.


Valery Bragin: In modern ice hockey, special teams is a key factor, so we have been working hard on this. A lot of work is still ahead of us.

Roman Rotenberg: Going back to the topic of idenity, a lot of people say that our jerseys are similar to those of the New York Rangers. However, if you look at SKA's first jersey design in 1946, our jerseys now are practically the same with a few modern twists. We have to take our history into account. We are learning every day and, moreover, you must be aware of the latest technology which assists the process. We are helping our foreign players get to love Saint Petersburg by studying its history and making sure that they have a connection with the city.

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