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Roman Rotenberg at the 2019/2020 SKA presentation

Roman RotenbergTeam presentation
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA deputy chairman of the board of directors, team leader Roman Rotenberg:

- First of all, I would like to pass on the wishes of HC SKA president Gennady Timchenko.

The most important thing which SKA has is the fan base, which is made up of two million people in Saint Petersburg and five million across Russia. In terms of supporters attending our matches, we once again became the strongest KHL club, beating all national attendance records in the process.

Last year, SKA's commercial revenue exceeded one billion RUB, and in this regard we are the most successful club in Europe. Our fans had a huge role to play in this.

On September 2, we will start our new KHL season. SKA have earned KHL medals in the past five consecutive seasons, while winning two Gagarin Cups - this is the most stable result of the entire Kontinental Hockey League.

The squad has undergone some changes ahead of our new charge for the cup. Our team, players and coaches will do everything to win in every match.

This season, we will play on an ice rink measuring 60x26 meters, with a larger attacking zone. I am sure that this will be beneficial to our ice hockey.

We are increasing the amount of SKA representatives in our national teams. Last year, 56 SKA system players played for national teams of different ages. We have faith in our guys, believing that they will continue progressing. We are also paying a lot of attention to youth ice hockey. We want more children to be involved in the sport.

I want to thank all fans, the Saint Petersburg administration, the city, Gazprom and all of our sponsors. I wish luck to the coaches, players and the whole SKA family.

Let's have a good season!

Roman Rotenberg at the 2019/2020 SKA presentation

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