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Roman Rotenberg speaks after beating Kunlun Red Star in Mytishchi

Roman RotenbergInterviewPress-conferenceKunlun Red StarKunlun RS - SKA - 041222
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HC SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg:

- It was a hard-fought game. Kunlun competed in a Canadian manner, they showed us how we can achieve positive results thanks to having determination to score goals. We had to overcome a lot of difficulties today. Our guys did a good job, they responded to the serious conversation which we had in our dressing room after the second period. Our task was to battle hard on the slot. This victory will give us strength and emotion for our next match, which is very important.

- This game was held in Mytishchi, but it felt as though SKA had travelled to China for a long flight considering how the team played.

- We have been training hard. This game will serve as a vital experience for us, it was a test for our players - especially for those who have recently signed for us. It has given us food for thought for our next game.

- You were in a tough spot being 0:3 down after 40 minutes.

- These things happen in ice hockey. We have to give credit to Kunlun, they have solid Canadian players who played effectively. During one of their powerplays, Kunlun unleashed

Roman Rotenberg speaks after beating Kunlun Red Star in Mytishchi

10 shots! We need to start doing the same. Ice hockey always punishes you for being too relaxed, we made unnecessary passes instead of shooting. We must be more ruthless in front of goal. When we started competing in the correct manner and made changes to the line-up, we started scoring goals. The guys reacted well to the situation on the ice, and I want to thank them for achieving this important win.

- How would you rate Nikita Zorkin's debut?

- We've worked a lot together in the past. He received lots of experience in the KHL while playing for Sochi, competing on the PP and PK. Nikita was a leader for Sochi. He hadn't slept a lot after flying here yesterday, but he showed his character on the ice and did well for his fight.

- Vladislav Podyapolsky is struggling to adapt.

- We can't blame him for the goals which we conceded, instead we have to look at the whole team and those who allowed Kunlun to pounce on the rebounds. We changed the goalkeeper in an attempt to give our players much-needed emotions and to turn the tide. By the way, Mikko Koskinen also required five games to adapt to playing for SKA, and we all know how he subsequently played for us. We're happy that Vladislav is with us, he's a strong goaltender and has a good psyche.

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