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Roman Rotenberg speaks after playing Ak Bars in Kazan

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HC SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg:

- There was a wonderful atmosphere inside the full stadium, I think that all of the fans enjoyed the game. We knew that Ak Bars were in difficult situation, they played the match of their lives today. This was an examination for us today, but we didn't pass it. I would like to congratulate Ak Bars with their victory, they have a strong team. We will now prepare for our next match on Saturday.

- SKA were fantastic during the second stanza, but you found yourselves 1:3 down.

- We gifted Ak Bars their goals. At the start of the period, we missed three clear opportunities to score. In these games, it's vital to use your chances to score goals. We have to look at how Alexander Radulov took the game in his hands for the home team, this is something which our players need to do in the future. We really did gift Ak Bars their goals with our mistakes. Overall, we dominated the second stanza, we pinned Ak Bars in their zone and created lots of chances. Unfortunately, though, we lost possession and made childish mistakes. We have recently all been ill within our group, but even in such situations you have to find a way to win matches. This game will serve as a good lesson for us.

Roman Rotenberg speaks after playing Ak Bars in Kazan

- What can you say about the fifth goal for Ak Bars? You used your coach's challenge.

- We saw how an opponent pushed our goalkeeper. The referees thought otherwise. This will serve as a good lesson for our guys, we simply need to play better and not think about things which don't involve ice hockey itself. Hopefully, the referees will draw the required conclusions. In future games, I hope that our goals will also be given when we push the goaltender. We need consistency. Looking forward, I believe that we will have honest and clean refereeing.

- 19-year-old Dmitry Buchelnikov missed two major opportunities to score on the powerplay when the score was 1:1.

- I think that this was the first time in his life when he played against guys who have won the Olympic Games and the NHL Stanley Cup. As the opponents showed, you must take advantage of all of your scoring opportunities. I think that Dmitry will learn from this. We have a lot of young players on the ice at the moment, but I am hopeful that some of our more experienced guys will return for our next game.

- Will Vladislav Podyapolsky make his SKA debut in Nizhnekamsk against Neftekhimik?

- Why should we reveal to Neftekhimik who is going to play? Nizhnekamsk have a strong side, they're regularly beating the leading KHL teams. They have a really quick team. Dmitry Nikolaev has only just returned from being on the sidelines, he's currently getting back in shape. Instead of blaming the goalkeeper, we have to ask the following question: which outfield player allowed the opponent to shoot? We have to play better in defence and help the goalkeepers more. We have two strong goaltenders, both of them will play in games.

- Nikita Komarov received a 5+20 penalty at the end of the second period.

- He wanted to help the team. Not long before that penalty, he had been involved in a fight. If Nikita was wrong, then he will fully understand that. We will try to compete in accordance with the rules in the future. We never want to injure opposing players, that isn't our style at all. We will analyse what happened there.

- Current Kazan boss Oleg Znarok is in a tough situation.

- We want to win every game, regardless of who we are playing against. I have a lot of respect for Oleg, we won a lot of things together. Nevertheless, at this moment in time, I am only thinking about Saturday's match in Nizhnekamsk.

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