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Roman Rotenberg speaks after beating Dinamo Minsk away

Roman RotenbergInterviewPress-conferenceDinamo MinskDinamo Mn - SKA - 081222
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HC SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg:

- It's nice to display our best ice hockey here with such a wonderful atmosphere inside the arena! The guys gave everything. Minsk like to play in a Canadian manner, it's always really interesting to play against them. I am grateful to our players for responding to the situation when the score was 3:3, we won as a consequence of our character. We competed with commitment, blocked pucks, scored vital goals and battled hard on the crease. Thank you to our fans who travelled here to support us.

- How are SKA managing to turn up when it really matters in every game?

- It's down to our efforts as a team. The main thing is how the players react. Nevertheless, we can play a lot better, there are still things to improve. We have a problem with injuries at the moment, while other players are out with illness. A lot of guys from the VHL were on the ice. We have to give credit to our players who are managing to emerge victorious in really tough games.

- When the score was 3:3, how did your time-out help?

- We subsequently scored good goals to win the game. Dinamo Minsk have players of high

Roman Rotenberg speaks after beating Dinamo Minsk away

quality, so we needed to stop giving them so much space. We asked the players to not lose concentration and to only play for the team. There aren't any secrets, it's all down to hard work and discipline. The guys responded to our time-out in the right way.

- Your powerplay didn't work.

- We must improve this aspect of our game. The opponents managed to score on the powerplay, and we will analyse the mistake which we committed for that particular goal. Hopefully, our injured players will return for the next cycle of matches.

- SKA have already played in 40 KHL matches, and we're only at the start of December. Is the international break required?

- The best training session is a match! We have to carefully put our training schedule together. A lot depends on the coaches, we must allow the players to recover while also making sure that they're working hard. We want to play exciting ice hockey and score a lot of goals. Yes, we can see that we're scoring a lot, but we can improve our ruthlessness in front of the net. At the same time, we need to help our goalkeeper more with solid defensive play. We're also happy that we have healthy competition within our team.

- Minsk forward Pavel Varfolomeev always seems to score against SKA. Did you prepare for him specifically?

- We used the same approach for all of Minsk's players: we had to close the space down and not allow them to win the battles.

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