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Roman Rotenberg speaks after beating Dynamo in Moscow

Roman RotenbergDynamo MoscowInterviewPress-conferenceDynamo Msk - SKA - 061222
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg:

- There was a wonderful atmosphere inside the sold-out arena! In such a great atmosphere, both teams always try to display their best ice hockey. It was a hard-fought, playoff-like match. Dynamo created a lot of difficulties for us, they have a well-organised team which plays well in defence. We had prepared well. We will analyse the mistake which we made when shorthanded in the first period, but we subsequently improved as the game went on. We scored in the first shift of the third frame after wasting a lot of chances in the second. I would like to thank our fans who travelled here from Saint Petersburg!

- Why aren't SKA scoring in the first and second periods during this road trip?

- The opponents are playing solidly in defence. At times, we're making too many passes instead of shooting. We have to crash the net harder and win the duels on the crease. Our players from the VHL performed well today, they followed the game plan. They're really proud to play for SKA! We competed against a well-drilled, organised side, we had to overcome a lot of challenges to earn this important win.

- Are you satisfied with the physical shape of the team?

Roman Rotenberg speaks after beating Dynamo in Moscow

- As you saw, we improved in the third period by increasing our tempo and energy levels. We had a lot of goalscoring opportunities. Konstantin Volkov, who progressed through our system in Saint Petersburg, was solid in Dynamo's net.

- Is it important for you that products of the SKA system are on the ice?

- It's vital that our system is working! A lot of our players from SKA-Neva are doing really well for us in the KHL. Also, I would like to point out that the likes of Nikita Dynyak, Dmitry Rashevsky and Konstantin Volkov are competing for other KHL teams having initially progressed through our system. It's wonderful for us that products of our system are playing so successfully at KHL level, we can see that they have huge potential.

- Your new powerplay unit didn't work too well.

- Dynamo were solid on the penalty kill. Instead of skating into the attacking zone while controlling the puck, we decided to chuck it towards their net. The hosts wanted us to do that. This is an aspect which requires improvement.

- Your leading defensemen Igor Ozhiganov, Stepan Falkovsky, Mikhail Pashnin and Nikita Kamalov are all currently on the sidelines.

- 10 players are out at the moment! Zakhar Bardakov received an injury at the start of this game too. Nonetheless, we can also see that the players stepping in are capable of winning matches. Healthy competition is a great thing.

- When will Ozhiganov return? The puck hit him in the face against Cherepovets recently.

- We can't reveal all of our secrets, it's a long season. The upcoming break will be a good thing for us, it's an opportunity for us to train productively and prepare for the subsequent matches. Our system is working well, we're able to compete with only three lines if required. The likes of Nikolai Prokhorkin will soon be on the ice in games. Interestingly, at the same time last year, all of our leading defensemen were out and we still managed to enjoy our best December in history with VHL players on the ice. Our players are prepared to give everything out there for this club. It's all down to hard work and discipline!

- Only Alexander Nikishin, Mikhail Vorobyov and Marat Khairullin will represent Russia at the Channel One Cup.

- We're proud that our players are being called up to the national team. That decision depended on the coaching staff of the senior national side. From our part, we are always working with the national team's best interests at heart.

- How does Bardakov feel? And how is Mikhail Vorobyov?

- I can't say anything about Bardakov. Mikhail is preparing for the next game, he knows what he needs to do in order to show great ice hockey and play for the team.

- Dynamo forward Alexander Skorenov scored for the home team today after playing for the SKA system last season. Are you surprised to see him playing so well in the KHL?

- No, we're not surprised at all. We're happy that he's progressing! Sometimes, you have to give a player the opportunity to show his best qualities with a different team.

- What happened for your winning goal in overtime? Dynamo goaltender Volkov seemed to make a mistake.

- We can never blame goalkeepers, instead we have to look at who allowed the player to unleash the shot on goal. Volkov made a number of tricky saves for Dynamo in this game.

- Dmitry Nikolaev is enjoying a superb season for SKA. Were you surprised that he wasn't called up to the national team for the Channel One Cup?

- When it comes to the national team, it would be better to ask Alexei Zhamnov those questions. We're really pleased that Dmitry is starting to play at such a high level, I've worked a lot with him over the years. He's showing his best qualities. Nevertheless, at the same time, we can't relax. Everyone - including our goalkeepers - can make further improvements.

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