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Roman Rotenberg speaks after beating Kunlun Red Star on the road

Roman RotenbergPress-conferenceKunlun Red StarKunlun Red Star - SKA - 040122
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg:

- We played in accordance with our system. Our players deserve praise today, they were strong on special teams. Yes, there were moments in the second period when we relaxed, but we subsequently improved and saw the game out.

- How did you make the decision to become the head coach of SKA?

- The Board of Directors made this decision. I am grateful to the team and the staff, we've been working together for many years. Some of us have been together for 10 years! This is formally my first victory as head coach, but we have long been working like this. In 2014, I worked together with Vyacheslav Bykov and Igor Zakharkin. I wasn't on the bench, but I was always with the team. Being a coach is a serious job. I am grateful to all coaches like Vladimir Yurzinov who have given me advice, this was only one match and we are continuing to work together.

- Will you travel to China for the 2022 Olympic Games with the Russian national team?

- Such matters will be decided closer to the Olympics.

Roman Rotenberg speaks after beating Kunlun Red Star on the road

- You have taken on a lot of responsibility by becoming the team's head coach. If SKA don't win the Gagarin Cup, aren't you afraid of receiving the blame?

- We have to take it step by step. Our goal is always to win matches, I'm won two Gagarin Cups and reached the Western Conference final six times in a row as a manager. We want to win every game.

- Why did you decide to become the SKA head coach?

- We are working in order to increase the effectiveness of our efforts. This was a collective decision, it was spoken about with the guys. We think that this move will make us stronger. We have a strong coaching staff, everyone has their own roles.

- Will Oleg Znarok join the SKA management group?

- We can't rule anything out. However, at this moment in time, we have a strong management group. We are leaders in all regards but, at the same time, we have to improve. Every training session gives us food for thought. For us, everything is only just beginning!

- Alexander Samonov is starting to play more often in SKA's net. Do you consider him as a candidate for the Olympics?

- He deserves ice time. Traditionally, SKA have always had two strong goalkeepers. When we had Mikko Koskinen and Igor Shestyorkin on our books, we managed to win two championships. We believe in every player and person in our group.

- Personally, you have a lot of different professional roles. How will you fit all of them in?

- I have coped with this during the past eight years! Nothing is changing in this regard, I always dedicate my time to the team and ice hockey.

- In comparison to the last game when Valeri Bragin was the head coach, what has changed for SKA?

- Nothing! We're continuing to work in the same manner. With Valeri, we agreed to use what method works for us. We are working together and discussing the process. Overall, nothing has changed for us.

- SKA are now in first place of the Western Conference. What does this mean for you?

- It's important for us, because we always want to be first! We want to prove with every match why we are in first position. The next game is always very important.

- You yourself are a very good ice hockey player. In order to work as a coach, do you need to suppress the player inside of you?

- I don't think that any former player wants to suppress that part of himself! I played as a professional until I was 20 years of age, before I had to stop while I was studying. Nowadays, though, I take to the ice every day possible. We love ice hockey and are dedicated to the sport.

- Why did you make the call to turn your hand to coaching?

- Do you know how Jose Mourinho started out? He was a translator. Moreover, there are a lot of such examples. The main thing is to improve with every passing day. This is my life, it gives me the opportunity to develop. I'm simply trying to work and develop.

- Is this a dream?

- The dream is to play ice hockey, work with our players and develop them. When a player improves and achieves things, we can see the results of our efforts. The training process, motivation and our coaches give the players the chance to gain knowledge and experience.

- Rene Fasel also spoke about Mourinho.

- There are many such examples in ice hockey, basketball and football. Our job is to help the guys win. We achieved this today, and now we want to win our next game. We will do everything possible in order to help our players achieve victories.

- Why did you only decide to coach on the bench this season, and not earlier?

- If you want to work with the team, you have to study and learn for at least 10 years. During that time, I gained knowledge by working with various coaches. The time has come for me to help the team with my skills.

- The team has improved.

- If that's your opinion, then thank you very much. We will try to improve all of the time.

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