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Roman Rotenberg: "We played intelligent ice hockey today"

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HC SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg:

- We played intelligent ice hockey today. The guys did a good job, they followed the game plan. We competed with lots of commitment, won the duels and used our scoring opportunities. However, we can improve. We will continue to work hard. I would like to thank our players and the fans for this match, we'll now prepare for the next one on Sunday.

- You made some surprises with your line-up.

- Every game dictates its own scenario. We have to be ready for anything. The changes to the line-up and our tactical approach all come from the experience and knowledge which our coaching staff and team possess, we are working in a friendly atmosphere. Today was only one step, we want to improve further and move on. We must play better and win the next game.

- How is Mikko Lehtonen feeling?

- We are counting on him for Sunday.

Roman Rotenberg: "We played intelligent ice hockey today"

- Do SKA now have the psychological advantage?

- Each game consists of its own story. We are continuing to work on our mistakes. We'll analyse today's game, have a discussion and think how we can improve our performance level. We understand very well that we can play better.

- A place in the KHL Gagarin Cup final is at stake. However, don't you think that Leo Komarov started to do unsportsmanlike things in the third period?

- Everyone is working for the benefit of the team and is contributing to our victories. We don't need to single out players of either side. Every player is doing his best for the team, we have to win all of the battles and score as many goals as possible. A rock-solid defence and ruthlessness in front of goal are the keys to success in the playoffs.

- You immediately took a time-out after the second conceded goal today.

- We were taught a good lesson on Wednesday. Just like good students, we are learning. We passed our exam today, but we must now prepare for the next one.

- In these playoffs, you aren't showing a lot of faith in Daniil Pylenkov.

- We have faith in all of our players, but each match dictates its own scenario. Every shift is important against such a strong opponent. We are counting on all of our players.

- Evgeny Timkin is often effective on the penalty kill, but he wasn't used when you competed shorthanded in this game.

- Well, since joining SKA, he has actually never played on special teams. We can't take any option off the table, though.

- How did SKA manage to score three goals in just a matter of three minutes?

- We had a good mindset today, we worked hard in order to win this match. We were ruthless with our opportunities during those three particular minutes. Nevertheless, we have to play for the full 60 minutes, we have improvements to make. We will put an emphasis on our ruthlessness in front of goal in the next game in Saint Petersburg.

- Zakhar Bardakov missed a chance to score the fourth marker for SKA in the third frame.

- Yes, he needed to make an unexpected decision with his shot there. The opposing goalkeeper is playing very well, we have to surprise him. It's so important to use our chances.

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