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Roman Rotenberg speaks after beating Dinamo Minsk in Belarus

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HC SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg:

- There was a great atmosphere inside the arena, thank you to the fans for that. The opponents created a lot of difficulties for us. Our guys did a good job, they followed the game plan. We have things to improve, though, and the main thing for us now is the next match. We continue to work.

- SKA took penalties for delaying a faceoff draw and having too many men on the ice during the third period. Was this because of your players' overwhelming desire to win?

- In such a game with fans like these at the stadium, a lot of emotions are involved. We have to be calmer. We'll learn from our mistakes.

- Dinamo Minsk have failed to score a single powerplay goal since the first match of the series.

- We've been working hard on this aspect since game one. Our players on the penalty kill were fantastic, and in the end we managed to score on the powerplay too. We also have to give credit to the opponents for how they competed shorthanded, they were aggressive without the puck.

Roman Rotenberg speaks after beating Dinamo Minsk in Belarus

- Didn't you think about taking a time-out before the decisive powerplay at the end of the third period?

- We needed to judge the moment. Our decisions are made in accordance with the situation. We decided to not use our time-out today, as we didn't want to give the opponents the opportunity to rest.

- How does Zakhar Bardakov feel after he was fouled against by Minsk forward Libor Hudacek?

- We haven't spoken to the doctors yet, but hopefully he's fine.

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