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Roman Rotenberg speaks about the return of Nikita Gusev

Roman RotenbergNikita Gusev

Roman Rotenberg speaks about the return of Nikita Gusev

HC SKA general manager, vice-president Roman Rotenberg:

- I would like to thank Nikita for the productive negotiations. He will play with the number 97 on his back, as we believed that he would return. The contribution which he made to development of SKA cannot be overestimated. Many children in Saint Petersburg and all over Russia look at Gusev and play in the same manner.

It is impossible not to mention the gold medal of the Olympic Games in South Korea. After Nikita scored 4 points in the final, we discussed that this is just the beginning. But fate turned out so that for some time we worked in parallel. Now, we are very glad that we can move together again. The contract runs until the completion of the 2021/2022 season but, of course, we are looking forward to long-term cooperation. We will work in accordance with the situation.

For SKA, Nikita's return is a positive sign. Our goal is always to win, and we will strive for this in every game. Nikita will lead by example. Stars, leaders are required.

We've already been through a lot together. We experienced both victories and defeats, but you cannot win without losing sometimes. The time has come for us to win our third KHL Gagarin Cup, this is our aim. We want to make the fans in Saint Petersburg happy!

The success of the Russian national team is always a priority for us. For the Olympic Games, which will be held this winter in China, we want Nikita to register even more points in the final! We will strive for this. We are maximalists, therefore we always strive for the best possible result. As Vyacheslav Fetisov once told me: "We do not remember defeats, we only remember victories." We move together with this principle.

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