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Roman Rukavishnikov speaks about the match against Spartak

Roman RukavishnikovSpartakSpartak - SKA - 130219
HC SKA press-service

- In the first period, the opponents played really well on the penalty kill, preventing us from scoring on a five minute long powerplay. We only managed to score on the four minute powerplay in the final moments. They defended solidly, but we were patient.

- Did Mikhail Maltsev's goal help the team relax?

- We congratulated him in the dressing room. We didn't relax though because Spartak are capable of coming back from 0:2 down.

- In Saint Petersburg, Spartak can challenge SKA, however they always lose at home without even scoring.

- It doesn't mean anything, all matches are different. It will be a different story in the playoffs.

- Are the matches against Jokerit and Lokomotiv practice ahead of the KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs?

- We need to analyse all of the small details and prepare for the playoffs.

Roman Rukavishnikov speaks about the match against Spartak

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