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Salavat Yulaev - SKA. Press-conference

Salavat YulaevPress-conferenceOleg ZnarokSalavat Yulaev - SKA - 041017
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Oleg Znarok:

- We played well in the first two periods. The intensity dropped in the third frame, but overall, I am satisfied with the performance.

- Did you like Ilya Kovalchuk's second goal the best? Igor Shestyorkin gave an assist.

- I liked all of our goals. The players put together great combination plays. This is the first match which really gave me satisfaction.

- You also won the match against Lokomotiv Yaroslavl 6:1. Do you find it interesting playing in the KHL?

- What do you mean? We play each game as if it's our last. It's tough for us. The opponents are pumped up to play us, but it's hard to get our players fired up.

HC Salavat Yulaev Ufa head coach Erkka Westerlund:

- It's nice to be in the new press-centre, but it's not so nice after this kind of game. Congratulations to SKA, we saw the best team in this league. We tried to prepare our defence for this match, but we didn't understand just how good our opponent is. They work very hard in defence and attack, they are a very good team. I hope this was the last lesson for us on how to be a good team. Of course, there was a bit of bad luck at the beginning when SKA scored four powerplay goals.

Salavat Yulaev - SKA. Press-conference

- How did Ivan Fedotov play after replacing Ben Scrivens? Will he have a chance to be in the team more?

- It depends on the situation with Andrei Kareev, but he played well.

- What future does Maxim Osipov have in Ufa? He hasn't been on the game roster for a while.

- We decided to give Grigory Panin and Maxim Goncharov games, they need matches together. However, we need Maxim Osipov. He is still in the team.

- During the time-out, what did you say to your players?

- It's not so important what was said, but we wanted to wake them up because we were one step behind in all situations.

- Comment on the two too many men calls.

- They were both refereeing mistakes, there weren't six men on the ice. You can watch the video.

- In this match, did you want to see just how good your players are?

- Yes, we got the answer. 6:1 is SKA's average result from the last six games. We have to work on defence, SKA gave us a lesson tonight

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