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SKA management group for the 2021/2022 season

Roman RotenbergAndrei TochitskyDaniel BochnerValeri BraginAlexei BabintsevArtyom NekhoroshikhAlexander TroshinLars Johansson coachAlexander TitovKonstantin ShafranovAlbert LeshchyovStefan PerssonCraig Slaunwhite
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The SKA management group for the 2021/2022 season has been formed.

Powerplay coach Konstantin Shafranov, goalkeeping coach Stefan Persson and coach, director of high performance Craig Slaunwhite - who previously worked with NBA and NHL teams - have joined the management group.

SKA thanks goalkeeping coaches Rashit Davydov and Peter Hirsch for their efforts with our club, wishing them future success in their respective careers! Conditoning coach Yury Zhdanov will be consulting SKA from a distance.

SKA management group:

General manager: Roman Rotenberg

Executive director: Andrei Tochitsky

Head coach: Valeri Bragin

Coach: Alexander Titov

Powerplay coach: Konstantin Shafranov

Coach: Albert Leshchyov

Coach: Alexei Babintsev

Coach: Stefan Persson

Methodist coach: Lars Johansson

Coach, director of high performance: Craig Slaunwhite

Player development coach: Daniel Bochner

Physical conditioning coach: Alexander Troshin

Physical conditioning and recovery coach: Artyom Nekhoroshikh

SKA management group for the 2021/2022 season

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