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Pavel Datsyuk's training camp at Hockey City

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Between May 29 and June 2, Pavel Datsyuk's ice hockey training camp for young players will take place at the multi-functional Hockey City complex in Saint Petersburg. The SKA and Russian national team forward will be the curator.

Pavel Datsyuk has been organising these training camps since 2006, with this event being held in Saint Petersburg for the second time. The project, designed to unite players in the North-West region, will see young players from academies such as SDYUSHOR SKA-2004 and Varyagi-2002 compete together.

Players will be divided up into two separate 2001-2003 and 2004-2006 groups. They will train four times a day, while also being given tactical lessons. Well known coachesTodd Woodcroft and Jay Woodcroft are among those who will work alongside Pavel Datsyuk at this camp.

On May 31 and June 1, an international forum called "Future of Hockey" will be held. It is supported by the Lesgaft University.

Pavel Datsyuk and coaches will hold a media conference on May 30. The start time is 14.45.

Pavel Datsyuk's training camp at Hockey City

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