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Sibir - SKA. Press-conference

SibirPress-conferenceAlexei KudashovSibir - SKA - 271219
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Alexei Kudashov:

- We are very happy with the victory, it was a difficult game. The supporters roared Sibir on. They both defended and attacked well. For our part, we played in a solid manner in defence, scoring our goal at the right time. This is a team victory.

HC Sibir Novosibirsk head coach Nikolai Zavarukhin:

- I congratulate SKA with their victory. We had our opportunities, but we don't have any goals to show for our efforts. You cannot make mistakes against SKA like the one we committed when changing shifts. The opposing goalkeeper was excellent. Nevertheless, we now have to move on, tomorrow we have a match for four points.

- Sibir are earning more points on the road. Do you find it more comfortable to play on the defensive?

- We didn't play with the initiative today either. However, when there's a chance, we also like to press. You spend a lot of energy when only defending. We don't make a lot of changes when playing on the road.

- Why did you sign Igor Makarov?

- We know that his strong points are adding physical power, competing well shorthanded and causing problems by the net. We are counting on him.

Sibir - SKA. Press-conference

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