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Sergei Ivanov: "All of our players have great shooting ability"

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- In comparison to previous years, this summer was a bit different for me, I only stayed at my country house with my grandmother after the U18 Russian championship ended in May. Now, it's time to work hard again.

- How did you feel competing at the U18 Russian championship after such a long and unusual season?

- I was lacking a bit of strength and emotion, as it had already been a very lengthy campaign. Nevertheless, I tried to play at my best in order to help the team.

- This is your second SKA Development Camp. What are the differences in comparison to last year?

- It's easier for me this time, I am familiar with the coaches' demands and I know all of the SKA system guys. All of us are having fun working out on the ice and in the gym! The facilities here at the Hockey City complex are of the highest level, we can learn a lot of new skills while preparing for the upcoming season.

- At the training camp, how are the goalkeepers being coached?

- During the opening four days, we're working in accordance with our special goaltending program. We're mainly focusing on our skating and how our legs move on the ice. After this part of the process, we will join the main group and train with the skaters.

- How will the camp help for the season?

- As I have already said, we are all learning a lot here. We are working on new exercises and skills, and how we can implement them in our games.

- Who has the strongest and most difficult shot?

- I've only worked with the second group so far, but I can say that all of the players have excellent shooting ability.

Sergei Ivanov: "All of our players have great shooting ability"

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