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Sergei Kalinin: "We need to prepare for the KHL"

JokeritNikolai Puchkov tournamentSergei Kalinin
HC SKA press-service

- Defensemen scored the majority of the goals.

- It doesn't matter who scores, the main thing is that we won. The forwards generally score, but the defensemen help out sometimes.

- How do you feel? What injury did you pick up?

- Everything's fine, I took to the ice today. The injury is in the past.

- Did you celebrate your first full SKA match?

- No, we need to prepare for the KHL. A serious match is coming up.

- Have you kept an eye on CSKA Moscow's transfers?

- Not really, but I know that they signed some NHL guys and a line from Sibir Novosibirsk.

- What job has Oleg Znarok given you in SKA?

- A player should help the team in any given situation.

Sergei Kalinin: "We need to prepare for the KHL"

- Did you have to hit the Finnish players a lot?

- They played a more aggressive game than usual. Usually, they only play on the counterattack. Today, they gave us a surprise. They tried to start a few fights, so I got involved. All of the guys stood up for the team, this will help us in the KHL.

- How does Evgeny Ketov feel after the fight with Marko Anttila?

- He's fine. Evgeny did a great job.

- Did you support him in that fight?

- Of course I did. Actually, I don't think that they originally wanted to fight each other. The Finn took off his gloves, but Evgeny didn't manage to do that.

- Would SKA beat the Toronto Marlies?

- Yes.

- What about New Jersey?

- SKA would beat that club too.

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