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Sergei Kalinin: "I want to win the Gagarin Cup with SKA"

Sergei Kalinin
HC SKA press-service

- You have already been a SKA player for the past few hours.

- I am happy to move to Saint Petersburg. It's nice to return to Russia and play in such a club. SKA always fight for the Gagarin Cup, and I want to win it with this team.

- How good is it for your career to play in the KHL?

- I had an opportunity to keep playing abroad next season, but taking into account the national team factor, I decided to go home to Russia.

- Was your NHL experience helpful?

- Yes, of course. It wasn't a great 2016/2017 campaign, but I received a priceless experience which will help me in the future. I don't regret playing there.

- Are you thinking about the 2018 Olympic Games, or is your focus on the upcoming pre-season with SKA?

- I am trying not to think about the Olympics. The season didn't end that long ago, but I have had time to rest and be with my friends and parents. All of my minor injuries have healed. Right now, I am thinking only about the pre-season with Saint Petersburg. I can't wait to see the team!

Sergei Kalinin: "I want to win the Gagarin Cup with SKA"

- You know a lot of SKA's players.

- Yes, I know more than half of the team. We played in the national team together and in the KHL. I have good friends in SKA, and we try to meet when possible. I don't think that there will be any problems adapting.

- What impressions did previous matches in Saint Petersburg leave you with?

- It was hard to play there, but it was nice at the same time. Even when the supporters are cheering hard against you, it leaves a mark on you.

- Next week, the medical tests will start.

- I had enough time to rest on holiday. I managed to recover from my small injuries from last season. The most important thing is that I feel fresher in my mind.

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