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Sergei Kalinin: "Jokerit took advantage of our mistakes"

JokeritSergei KalininSKA - Jokerit - 211017
HC SKA press-service

- It was a good game. We conceded goals because of our own mistakes, the opponents didn't do anything special. Another goal was let in during the second period, we need to analyse our mistakes. We're preparing for the next match.

- When skating out to compete on that powerplay in the third period, did you feel that you were going to score?

- I think that there is always a desire to score a goal when you are on the ice. Overall, I didn't think about anything. It was the first time when we played in that line, but things went well. The pass was perfect, I simply had to hit the target.

- Is it nice to break Jokerit's winning streak?

- We didn't think about that, but it's nice.

- Jokerit played very well.

- They play and move well. Jokerit have a fast team which doesn't make a lot of passing errors. However, in this game, they simply took advantage of our mistakes.

- Probably you are now thinking about the next game against CSKA Moscow.

- Yes. Tomorrow we will train, prepare well and fly to Moscow. It's an important match.

Sergei Kalinin: "Jokerit took advantage of our mistakes"

- Jokerit didn't score on the powerplay. Did you analyse their tactics?

- Of course. When preparing to play them, we analysed how they play in attack. It's nothing surprising.

- How did you manage to keep Eeli Tolvanen out of the game?

- We stuck to our tactics. We have our own tactics for playing on the penalty kill.

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