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Sergei Kalinin: "We made too many passing errors"

Dinamo RigaSergei KalininSKA - Dinamo R - 311017
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- Why was it such a difficult match?

- It's hard to say. We were expecting it. Despite the fact that Dinamo Riga are last in the table, they play and move well. It was another tough match against a team lower than us in the standings. I think that the reason behind our difficulties was the passing mistakes we made. We shoot when we don't need to, but when the time is right, we don't take the shot. It's not clear just what is happening.

- Did the Russian national team call-up give you extra motivation?

- Yes. We looked at the roster before this game. It's really nice to be called up, but we have two more games here. We need to play well, and then go to the national team in a positive mood.

- What's your mindset for playing Spartak Moscow?

- We will stick to our plan, analyse the opponents and watch our recent matches.

- Were SKA's difficulties down to tiredness?

- I just think that we started poorly. The same thing keeps happening every match, but I don't know why. We prepare, warm-up, but then we start the game badly. When we don't score, we lose our patience. Maybe that's why we made so many passing errors.

Sergei Kalinin: "We made too many passing errors"

- After making the move to SKA, you have immediately been called up to the Russian national team. Is this a coincedence?

- I don't know.

- Is it worth dedicating this victory to Roman Rukavishnikov?

- Of course, that's not even a question. We will see how he's feeling. The doctors said that everything's fine. It's not a nice injury, but hopefully things will turn out fine with him.

- You have a bruise under your eye. Is this because you went to the Zenit versus Lokomotiv football match?

- No, it's a part of the playing process.

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