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Sergei Kalinin: "We controlled the game after we had scored"

AvangardSergei KalininAvangard - SKA - 210917
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- What emotions do you have from your return to Omsk?

- It's nice to be here again. I had a dinner with my parents and we won the game. At yesterday's training, I was reminded of my time with Avangard, so it was tough to prepare for this match. Nevertheless, it's good that we won.

- Avangard were better at the start of the match.

- They were playing at home, and a lot of fans came to the stadium. Avangard tried to put the pressure on, but our goalkeeper played well and kept us in the game. If Avangard would have scored a couple more goals, the game would have been different. We scored at the right time and controlled the match in the second and third periods.

- Did you really want to score against your former team?

- I simply wanted to play well and help my club win.

- It was a nervy finish to the game. Has this spoiled the victory?

- The fans supported their team, that's all I can say. I haven't seen them react this way in the past though.

- SKA have won thirteen consecutive matches. Did you speak about the record in the dressing room?

- We aren't thinking about this winning streak. We're trying to win every game, and that will always be the case even if this streak comes to an end.

Sergei Kalinin: "We controlled the game after we had scored"

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