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Sergei Plotnikov: "Amur demonstrated how to play on the smaller ice"

Sergei PlotnikovAmurAmur - SKA - 161117
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- I have positive emotions, it's always nice coming back to my hometown, a lot of friends came to the game and I think about when I played for Amur. It's great that so many fans support the team.

- Would you have celebrated a goal?

- Well, in my head I would certainly have been happy.

- When you made a hit, was it a clean play?

- We can't speak about that, I simply wanted to press the player against the boards, but he turned around and landed on his knee. He's a big guy, that shouldn't have happened.

- It's because you're strong.

- I don't think that he's any weaker, it wasn't a perfect hit and he seemed to jump.

- How was it playing on the smaller ice?

- The zones are smaller and you have to play faster. Amur demonstrated how teams need to play on the small ice - fast and by dumping the puck into the attacking zone. They had counterattacks.

Sergei Plotnikov: "Amur demonstrated how to play on the smaller ice"

- Is the Far-Eastern trip one of the hardest in the KHL?

- In terms of flying, yes. The time zones are different, so you don't always sleep well. We stick to Moscow time, so the evening games here are like morning ones for us.

- How is it playing with Vadim Shipachyov?

- It's always nice playing with such teammates, because Vadim is never selfish and he tries to make passes.

- Has he adapted again?

- He didn't need to adapt. He has returned to his team. I don't think that he will have any problems.

- Expectations from the game in Shanghai?

- I don't know what to say. Last year, they played on a different rink in a different city.

- Did Amur perform well today?

- Yes, especially when breaking out from their zone. It's clear that they have a tactical plan.

- Was it disappointing to concede while playing on the powerplay? SKA probably didn't expect that.

- Why? Amur are a good team which have won a few successive matches.

- At the start of the game, Amur had more shots than SKA.

- They always play on this rink, while we had to adapt. We needed to move faster.

- Your first thought when missing the net with the backhand?

- I said angry words to myself in my head.

- How do you spend your time on these long trips?

- We are living by Moscow time, so we skate in the evening, go back to the hotel for a bit of rest, and then play the game.

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