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Sergei Plotnikov: "We wanted to perform at our best"

BarysSergei PlotnikovSKA - Barys - 271117

- Did you expect the match to be so open?

- We prepared to play against a good team, and we wanted to show our best ice hockey. Today, we managed to do that.

- There were a lot of video reviews. Did that distract you?

- The last one did, it was very long. We got cold.

- You don't win 9:1 every day.

- We are happy because we played well. All of us scored, not just one single line. It shows that we have a good team.

- SKA had a rest for almost a week. Was this a factor?

- It's hard to say. Sometimes it's a good thing, while for others it's negative. As you can say, the break helped us today.

- Next up is Avangard Omsk. Have you watched their matches?

- Personally, I am not following any other team. The coaches show us videos before the match, that's all we need.

Sergei Plotnikov: "We wanted to perform at our best"

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