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Sergei Plotnikov: "We're trying to show our best in every shift"

SpartakSergei PlotnikovSpartak - SKA - 091017
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- Why couldn't SKA win 5:0 like one month ago?

- We scored as many goals as we could. In the first and third periods, Spartak didn't allow us to create chances. Nevertheless, we were really focused on scoring in the second frame.

- Despite having plenty of powerplays, SKA couldn't score on special teams. Were you lacking Patrik Hersley and Pavel Datsyuk?

- The powerplay units were changed for the game. If we had more time to prepare, we could have prepared special plays for special teams.

- Are you looking forward to playing five consecutive home games?

- Yes. The supporters will help us, we'll play to win.

- You seemed to get injured. Will you be ready for the next match?

- Nothing serious happened there.

- Was this Mikhail Maltsev's best game for SKA's main team?

- I don't know if it was his best performance, but he gave me a great pass for my goal. In other games, he had more shooting opportunities.

Sergei Plotnikov: "We're trying to show our best in every shift"

- SKA don't seem to be feeling the pressure about the winning streak.

- We're not thinking about how many games we have won. We are trying to show our best ice hockey in every shift. The Olympic Games are coming up, everyone wants to make the roster.

- The whole country is waiting for SKA to lose.

- Let them keep waiting.

- Vadim Shipachyov isn't playing in Las Vegas. Is it time for him to come home?

- No, I don't think it is. It's his first season in the NHL, he needs time to adapt. I think that everything will work out for him.

- Is it realistic to win 52 regular season matches?

- That's a very difficult question. We'll think about that when we have won 51.

- Do you know CSKA Moscow's record?

- 36?

- Almost, it's actually 39. SKA gave away Alexander Dergachyov to Spartak, and the score was reduced from 0:5 to 0:4. Maybe you can give away some more players?

- We can't release everyone.

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