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Sergei Plotnikov: "We weren't thinking about previous games"

Dynamo MoscowSergei PlotnikovDynamo - SKA - 101218
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- It was a good, physical match. In the first and third periods we played in the attacking zone, but in the second, we lost our rhythm. Nevertheless, it's important that we recovered in the third and managed to win the match. We had a lot of chances which we didn't score, but we played well in defence and 2:0 is a deserved victory.

- How difficult is it playing against Dynamo Moscow?

- It's difficult against everybody. After they changed their coach, they're playing with more aggression and move better, especially when shorthanded. We had to move the puck quicker.

- Why did Viktor Tikhonov replace Oleg Li in the third period?

- That question isn't for me. Coaches change the lines during matches, but there's no point in discussing their decisions.

- SKA only scored one goal in 59 minutes, despite having so many chances. Why?

- We didn't take advantage of the opportunities which came our way. Both teams had plenty of chances. The goalkeepers played in solid fashion today, Magnus gave us a chance to win the match and we were lucky by managing to score.

Sergei Plotnikov: "We weren't thinking about previous games"

- When SKA opened the scoring on the powerplay, did you think it would be another easy match like in September?

- We try not to think about matches which happened in the past. Each game is a new challenge and we have to prove that we're stronger in every shift.

- Did Vasily Tokranov surprise you today? Usually Patrik Hersley scores on the powerplay.

- No, not at all. Vasily can unleash good wrist or slap shots. He's at the blue line to shoot.

- You haven't been in the Russian national team since the 2017 Channel One Cup.

- Yes, but nothing changed for me, I always want to play for the national team. I will try to show my best ice hockey.

- Nikolai Prokhorkin kicked the puck into the net in the second period. Is he training for the Hockey Classic at Saint Petersburg's football stadium?

- Nikolai trains seperately with a ball while we warm-up.

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