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Sergei Plotnikov: "You have to show your strength against these opponents"

Sergei PlotnikovSKA - Torpedo - 041117
HC SKA press-service

- We can give you the nickname of "Army Press" today, you put pressure on Torpedo.

- It's not the best nickname, to be honest. My frame allows me to play a physical style, and the team needs it. When playing against such tricky opponents, you have to show your strength.

- A lot of SKA's players are injured. How important are these losses?

- It's always a shame to lose good ice hockey players, but we have a quality team with lots of great players. We're trying to perform well. It's a shame that we conceded a lot of stupid goals today, because we actually played quite well and didn't take advantage of our opportunities.

- You are a real team player. Do you like scoring or making assists more?

- If I am given a pass, I will score. I try to give out assists.

- SKA used to score early goals, but now the opponents are scoring them. Why?

- I don't know, I think that we were a bit unlucky. We start games well in the opposing zone, but then we concede a goal on the counterattack.

Sergei Plotnikov: "You have to show your strength against these opponents"

- Do you have energy left for the national team?

- We will have two days off now, I think that everything will be fine. We will recover and play with pleasure.

- Is it interesting to look at future Olympic opponents?

- It's not important who we play against. The main thing is to create a team which will achieve results.

- They are saying that Russia might not be allowed to compete at the 2018 Olympic Games. Are you following the situation? How would you rate the possibility of Russia being banned?

- I won't rate the chances. It's not nice that such rumours are circling. It will be a big loss if Russia don't compete at the Olympic Games.

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