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Sergei Plotnikov: "It was a useful match for both teams"

Sergei PlotnikovMetallurg Mg - SKA - 290119
HC SKA press-service

- It was a good, physical game. There were barely any penalties, so the team which played best 5 on 5 won the match. I think it was good for us to play in such a physical game, this is a useful match for both teams ahead of the KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs.

- Was it hard at the end of the third period when Metallurg Magnitogorsk pressured SKA with intensity?

- Of course. We became a bit tired, we spent two minutes in our own zone, but sometimes you have to shut up shop and play defensively in order to keep the opponents at bay. We were patient.

- What did the coaches say after the first two periods?

- They said that we need to shoot more and crash the net. We needed a dirty goal, but in the end, we scored with a wonderful shot.

- There were few penalties and stoppages in this match.

- It's tougher when there aren't many breaks in play. However, with the playoffs approaching, we had the chance to compete in a physical game.

- Are you happy with your goal?

- It was scored into an empty net.

Sergei Plotnikov: "It was a useful match for both teams"

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