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Sergei Plotnikov: "We need these games ahead of the KHL playoffs"

Dynamo MoscowSergei PlotnikovSKA - Dynamo Moscow - 170119
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- Why was the first period so difficult?

- Yes, it was a tough match. Dynamo are a good opponent, they changed their manager, their players have grown stronger physically, and we had to play against them at a high tempo. Nevertheless, this is good for us, because the KHL playoffs are coming and these matches prepare us well. In such games, you have to skate backwards, fight for the puck, and win the one on one battles.

- It seemed that SKA got used to the opponents more as time rolled on.

- We adapted to the way they were playing and searched for their weak spots. If we had taken advantage of our opportunities better, it would have been easier, and the result would be different.

- What happened behind the goal? Did you expect such a physical battle?

- Someone fell awkwardly onto my leg, but these things happen during matches. You have to put up with it and continue playing.

- Can you speak about the disagreement between yourself and Andrei Mironov?

- We had a disagreement and then made up.

- How did you wish Evgeny Ketov a happy birthday?

- Well, we didn't throw cake in his face, as we didn't want to really annoy him. It's a good day, a good victory, and I think he left the dressing room in a positive mood.

Sergei Plotnikov: "We need these games ahead of the KHL playoffs"

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