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Sergei Plotnikov: "We took plenty of shots, but the puck didn't go in"

Sergei PlotnikovKunlun Red StarSKA - Kunlun Red Star - 090118
HC SKA press-service

- In November, you beat these opponents 8:1. Are Kunlun a different team now?

- I think that the team are the same, but we were more lucky with our goalscoring chances in the previous match. Today, it was more difficult. We took plenty of shots at goal, but the puck didn't go in. It's good that we managed to score on the powerplay.

- Igor Shestyorkin returned to the net.

- Both of our goalkeepers are excellent, they always make a huge contribution in matches. We always play as a united group.

- How did Kunlun surprise you?

- We didn't expect them to equalise so quickly. However, we then began to increase the intensity, shoot more and the goals came. Kunlun were probably a bit tired.

- SKA have made the KHL playoffs and won the Bobrov Division. Where do you get your motivation from?

- Our head coach always finds motivation. Each day is important, every victory.

Sergei Plotnikov: "We took plenty of shots, but the puck didn't go in"

- On January 25, the final 2018 Olympic roster will be announced. Are you waiting for that day?

- To be honest, no. I want to show what I am capable of now. Players don't make those decisions. We'll just look at who has made the roster.

- Did you watch the World Junior Championship? Russia had a lot of SKA players.

- I watched a couple of games. It was obvious that the players tried, but special teams didn't work. That's what was lacking.

- The next match is against Lokomotiv Yaroslavl.

- We aren't following their performances. Our coaches will show us the video of how they play, we'll prepare. We will be told how to play on special teams. Everything will be fine.

- How important is it for you to score against Lokomotiv?

- It's always nice to score goals. I was given great passes today, I had to score.

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