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Sergei Plotnikov speaks about the match against Lokomotiv

Sergei PlotnikovLokomotivSKA - Lokomotiv - 180219
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- Can we say that SKA did everything which was in the game plan?

- Yes, you could say that. It's very important that our goalkeepers keep clean sheets, because it gives them extra confidence. In the third period, we wanted to play good ice hockey, and it's great that we managed to score on the powerplay.

- You scored twice.

- I am grateful to my teammates. Without them, I wouldn't have scored.

- In the third period, did you have the feeling that the team really wanted you to complete the hat trick?

- Yes, especially on the powerplay: Alexander Barabanov and Vladislav Gavrikov both made passes to my stick. It's a shame that I couldn't take advantage of those opportunities.

- How will you recover before flying to Nizhnekamsk tomorrow?

- We're used to it. We will rest at night and on the plane.

- Was your second goal a set play or more improvisation?

- No one saw the puck and I managed to knock it into the net. The goalkeeper emerged far off his line so I had to take it around him.

Sergei Plotnikov speaks about the match against Lokomotiv

- Have you built up mutual understanding with Pavel Datsyuk?

- It's difficult to understand Pavel all of the time, because he is a unique player.

- What can we expect against Neftekhimik? SKA lost against them at home.

- Nothing special. We will watch video tapes before the match. We remember that defeat and we will play to win.

- SKA managed to play three stable periods today.

- It was great for us to play against such a strong opponent with the upcoming playoffs in mind. Yes, we managed to play three stable periods, and we need to continue in the same vein for the remainder of the regular season and then the playoffs.

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