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Sergei Shirokov: "We need to start the series well"

CSKAPlayoffsSergei Shirokov
HC SKA press-service

- Is SKA versus CSKA an important series for you?

- The main thing is that it's the Western Conference final, we want to qualify for the next round and last year's success. It will be difficult, but we're focused and are working over our tactics at training. We are preparing for a tough series.

- In particular, are you working on the powerplay?

- Special teams are a key component. If you score and keep the opponents at bay when shorthanded, you have a large advantage.

- SKA rested more than CSKA.

- I think that both SKA and CSKA have rested enough. It will be an interesting series for the players and fans.

- Will the teams play aggressive, physical ice hockey?

- Of course. This is the playoffs, no one wants to lose. The games will be intense.

- How can you score against CSKA goalkeepe Ilya Sorokin?

- I hope that we'll findt the key to scoring against him. I think that everything will be fine.

- How important is it to play the first two matches in Saint Petersburg?

- We have home advantage. If the series is long, game seven will be held at home. We need to start the series well.

Sergei Shirokov: "We need to start the series well"

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