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Sergei Shirokov: "We knew that it would be a tough series"

Dynamo MoscowSergei ShirokovSKA - Dynamo Msk - 100317
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- Happy birthday! Did you change anything in comparison to the first match?

- Thanks for the congratulations. Yes, of course we changed things. After analysing the first game, we managed to correct our mistakes. We won today, but we need to play better. It's going to be a tough series, we knew that from the start.

- Why aren't special teams going well?

- We scored two powerplay goals today and won.

- Dynamo were better at the start of the match. Why?

- Probably, we were a bit nervous. Having lost game one, we wanted to play differently. Nevertheless, our goalkeeper made big saves. We managed to score on two powerplays and play as we wanted.

- After losing on Wednesday, did you need to keep your emotions in check?

- We got together, had a discussion and understood that we had to win the second home game. We managed to do it, it's an even series heading to Moscow. It will be difficult, but no one expected this series to be easy. Dynamo are playing well.

Sergei Shirokov: "We knew that it would be a tough series"

- Do Dynamo play differently at home than away?

- I don't think so. All games will be like this one.

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