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Sergei Shirokov: "It's difficult to set records"

Sergei ShirokovSKA - Sibir - 061017
HC SKA press-service

- In comparison to the previous match against Sibir, this game was a lot tougher.

- Yes, that concerns both the score and the match itself. In the first period, we had an advantage but we couldn't use our goalscoring chances. We didn't block the goalkeeper's view enough. It seemed that we would score on some of our attacks, but it didn't happen. That's why it was a nervy finish to the game.

- Did the Sibir goalkeeper show his quality?

- He played well. When we blocked his view, the puck went in. If we would have crashed the net more, we would have score more goals.

- Before the match, did you think about the new KHL record?

- I wouldn't say that. It's great that we have created history with this record, this record will certainly stay until next season I think. Maybe someone else will be able to break it. From the side, maybe it appears that everything's easy, but as you can see, the guys are throwing their bodies in front of pucks and getting injured. It's not easy at all, and I think this achievement deserves respect. We will try to keep making our fans happy.

Sergei Shirokov: "It's difficult to set records"

- During the game, the lines were changed about.

- Well, my line wasn't changed. It would be better to ask the coaches this question. We're focused on our shifts on the ice. The coach's changes probably worked.

- SKA are playing well. Are you not afraid that there will be a dip in form towards the playoffs?

- There's a lot of time before the playoffs begin, you can even put a pre-season together during the break. We're not thinking about that, we are simply preparing for our five consecutive games.

- After setting the record, how difficult will it be to play Spartak Moscow?

- There's no difficulties, we don't think about records. Everyone wants to beat us, so we are finding it twice as difficult.

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