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Severstal - SKA. Press-conference of game four

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Oleg Znarok:

- I would like to congratuate all women, mothers and grandmothers with International Women's Day. We have qualified for the next round and we're happy.

- The next match is on March 16. What will the team do until then?

- We didn't plan to win in just four matches, so we don't know. We will decide how many days off to give the players.

- Two centre forwards played with Ilya Kovalchuk.

- We wanted to see how Vadim Shipachyov plays on the wing.

- Your verdict?

- He did a good job.

- SKA were stronger in this series. Do you think that the refereeing scandals had an effect on you?

- What scandals? I don't want to discuss this. They always say that SKA are bad even when it's not true. Is everyone talking about the offside in game three? If you haven't got the right technology here, why are we to blame? If the referees would have said that it was offside, we wouldn't have minded.

- What can you say about Anton Belov's penalty?

- He will be punished. I don't think that he wanted to play dirty, however I haven't seen the video of what happened.

- What punishment will he receive?

- We have our own punishments.

Severstal - SKA. Press-conference of game four

HC Severstal Cherepovets head coach Alexander Gulyavtsev:

- I congratulate all women with International Women's Day. We lost 0:4 in the series, but the guys tried hard and I am grateful for that. Oleg Znarok will prepare for the next series, but I don't know what we have to be prepared for now.

- You had a goal waved off because of too many men on the ice.

- There is a person sitting opposite our bench watching to see if there were too many men, it's fine. When we played against Lokomotiv, we had two goals ruled out for offside and too many men.

- Why did Dmitry Kagarlitsky and Julius Hudacek receive 10 minute penalties?

- I didn't hear because it was so loud inside the stadium.

- Why didn't Yury Trubachyov play?

- He has a small problem with his back. If we have other healthy players, why would we let an injured Yury Trubachyov play?

- How does Dmitry Kagarlitsky feel?

- He seems to be fine.It wasn't a direct check to the head, his neck was touched but he soon recovered and continued playing.

- In the third match, did you know that it was offside when SKA scored their second goal?

- I have watched the moment back with a few computers. I am sure that the player who shot the puck was offside. However, the goal counted. When we played against Yaroslavl, the puck left the zone by two millimeters. The linesman was behind a SKA player, maybe he made a mistake. Oleg Znarok is right, we need the right technology to see what happened.

- Out of five, what rating would you give Severstal this season?

- Five. People said that we don't have a large enough budget, that we wouldn't make the playoffs because our last two games were against SKA and CSKA, but the guys saved the season. This year, we didn't lose nine or ten consecutive games. We had more stability.

- Can you keep Dmitry Kagarlitsky here? And what is your future here?

- I want to stay here, I have played and coached in Cherepovets. The players know what I demand from them. I would like to keep players like Dmitry Kagarlitsky here.

- Do you like your new hairstyle?

- My head feels a bit cold.

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