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Severstal - SKA. Press-conference of game three

Press-conferenceSeverstalOleg ZnarokSeverstal - SKA - 080318
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Oleg Znarok:

- Every game is tough for us, Severstal have a good team. We played well in the first period and should have scored on our chances. The goalkeeper was solid for them. In the second period, we lost a lot of energy on the penalty kill. We're happy that we won and we will prepare for the next match.

- In August, the Severstal coach made a promise and stuck to it. Are you prepared to do something similar?

- I was also young in the past. In my first season, I shaved my moustache. However, this time I won't change anything, I don't look great as it is.

- Why did you shave your moustache?

- My HC MVD team won ten consecutive matches.

- Yegor Yakovlev, Nikolai Prokhorkin and Sergei Shirokov didn't play in this match. Are they struggling after the Olympic Games?

- It's hard for them. They gave so many emotions and now we have to do the same again. Nikolai is ill at the moment.

Severstal - SKA. Press-conference of game three

HC Severstal Cherepovets head coach Alexander Gulyavtsev:

- Despite not having many scoring opportunities, we asked the guys to take advantage of them. In the second period, we managed to do that. The opponents put the pressure on and scored, but the guys tried their best and that's the main thing. The players are doing everything they can. Thank you to our fans, the arena was packed.

- Maxim Rybin and Nikolai Stasenko stopped playing midway through the game. How are they?

- We finished with five defensemen. The doctors will take a look at them and we will decide what to do.

- Why can't you score on the powerplay?

- SKA defended well. Against SKA's tactics, you have to play at a high tempo and move the puck quickly. I know that my team can score on the powerplay, but today the opponents didn't allow us to do that.

- Dmitry Kagarlitsky has four goals in this series. Does he know the secret to beating Mikko Koskinen?

- I certainly don't know the secret. We aren't spending a lot of time attacking in this series, so maybe the SKA goalkeeper is cold. At the moment, only Dmitry Kagarlitsky is taking advantage. We are often in our own zone, but when we have the chance, we play on the counterattack. It's difficult, but this match could have gone on for longer. However, SKA have Ilya Kovalchuk. I respect SKA and Oleg Znarok, we're fighting.

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