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Severstal - SKA. Press-conference

Press-conferenceAndrei NazarovSeverstal - SKA - 310815
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Andrei Nazarov:

- First of all I want to congratulate Vadim Shipachyov with the birth of his daughter. I'm pleased that today the guys played as one team, and beforehand I asked them to play as one big family together. It was a tough match, it wasn't clear who was going to win for a long time, and the opponents defended well. We couldn't break their defence down until the final stages. We will now prepare for future games.

- You would probably like to score more goals. Are you missing Ilya Kovalchuk?

- To win you need to score one more goal than the opponents. You can't go out thinking that you're going to win 6:0 every time. Severstal are a strong team, and year in year out they prove this. It was a tough game today, believe me. We miss Ilya of course, but I liked how we performed today.

Severstal - SKA. Press-conference

HC Severstal head coach Vaclav Sykora:

- It was our first home match, and we wanted to play at 100%. We knew that we were going to play against a strong SKA side. It was clear that the opponents were ready for this game, and they moved with good speed. We had problems against their style, especially in our own zone. Unfortunately SKA scored first, however in the second period we picked up our game and missed a number of chances. We were in the game at 0:1, but made a stupid mistake taking the penalties which led to another goal. The five on three decided this match.

- It looked as though Severstal were second best in all departments in the beginning. Did the nerves take their toll?

- We were nervous. We knew that a lot of fans would come to the arena today, and we wanted to give a good performance. But as I have already said, SKA play at a very high pace and their pressing became a real problem for the whole of our team.

- Will there be any changes in the line-up for the game with Torpedo?

- It's too early to think about this yet. Tomorrow we will look over things at training, and then make a decision.

- You sent out two forwards and only defenceman when playing with a two man deficit. Why did you go for such a big risk?

- It's not a risk, it's our system. Our system is to use more forwards than defencemen. We analysed SKA before this match, and they have such a high quality of player it doesn't matter if we play with forwards or defencemen.

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