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Severstal - SKA. Press-conference

Press-conferenceSeverstalOleg ZnarokSeverstal - SKA - 080917
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Oleg Znarok:

- I think that it was a successful road trip. Those who didn't see that game will say that we won easily, but that actually isn't the case. Severstal had chances to turn this match around, however they were a bit unlucky with their opportunities. They have a good team. Every match is difficult, because teams are even more pumped to play us. I congratulate my players with the victory, and wish Severstal luck.

- SKA had a very Russian roster in this game. What happened to the foreign players?

- They're fine, but I received to give them a rest.

- Sergei Shirokov scored a hat trick. Will he be given a bonus?

- He scored a hat trick? To be honest, I didn't notice that.

- You stated that you're not satisfied with everything. Will conclusions be drawn?

- Even when you achieve a good result, there are always mistakes which have been committed. If a player keeps making the same mistakes, he need to be penalised. The team has a model which every player needs to follow.

Severstal - SKA. Press-conference

- Is the winning streak putting pressure on the team?

- No, we're used to it. It's difficult in every game we play, the stadiums are full and the opponents are pumped up to beat us. I would advise the opposing team to relax a bit more when playing SKA.

HC Severstal Cherepovets head coach Alexander Gulyavtsev:

- Before the game, we spoke about not taking a lot of penalties against SKA. It's completely unacceptable to lose your discipline against these opponents. Five powerplay goals for SKA tells the entire story. It's difficult when the same players continue on the penalty kill. SKA didn't have any problems scoring on their chances. We can't take advantage of our opportunities and break that barrier of scoring three goals in a match. Nevertheless, I want to thank the fans for their support.

- This isn't the first match when Severstal have been given penalties for too many men. Will there be repercussions?

- Yes, they will receive fines.

- How did Alexei Artamkin play? It was his KHL debut?

- He did a good job. For SKA's goals, the opponents simply took apart our defence. However, Alexei performed well. I'm pleased.

- Petr Holik missed matches before playing today. Did the break help him?

- Maybe. We had a conversation with him beforehand, but he's finding it tough in a new league. We haven't got time to wait though, he needs to keep playing like today and progressing.

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