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SKA - Admiral. Press-conference

Press-conferenceSergei ZubovSKA - Admiral - 210116
HC SKA press-service

HC Admiral Vladivostok head coach Alexander Andrievsky:

- First of all, thanks to the team for their character. Due to having a number of players out injured, we found it tough today and it was the final game of this away series. Also, this series wasn't good - we had no victories. Today, we are satisfied that we won and with how we played. We lacked physical strength at the end, but that's understandable. It's good that we will have until the 29th of January to rest.

- Comment on the episode with Maxim Mamin.

- Emotions took over him. There was no need to drop his gloves, first of all you need your opponent to agree to the fight. If you just drop your gloves and punch, that isn't a manly thing to do.

- What did the referee say when a penalty shot was awarded for throwing the stick?

- He didn't explain anything, but it was already clear - if you throw your stick into the player, it's a penalty shot. We lost a bit of concentration.

HC SKA head coach Sergei Zubov:

- We are satisfied with the one point. We made a poor start to the game, improved in the second, and gave everything in the third. Thanks to the guys for levelling. We could have scored at the start of overtime on the powerplay too. It was a good game, but we need to be ready from the beginning.

SKA - Admiral. Press-conference

- Were you not ready for the start of the match?

- Maybe it is down to the way we felt psychologically before the game. We weren't ready from the first shifts.

- Can this defeat help the team?

- We try to make a lesson out of every defeat. Hockey is such a game where no one is protected from losing.

- Comment on the episode with Ilya Kablukov and Maxim Mamin.

- Ilya drew two penalty minutes out of Admiral.

- SKA have found it hard against Far Eastern teams.

- We took all the points in the Far East, now we have had to lose some.

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