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SKA - Admiral. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC Admiral Vladivostok head coach Alexander Andrievsky:

- I don't think that I need to say anything in my speech, we all know today's score.

- You were seen often holding your head in your hands.

- We only managed to play the way we wanted to during parts of the second period. We wanted to compete in an aggressive manner throughout the entire game, and I thought that we looked good during the first three minutes of the match. However, everything went wrong after SKA's first goal. Our defence was wide open. We didn't have concentration after playing well against Omsk.

- What did you say during the first break? You were already 0:3 down.

- We showed the players the mistakes they had committed. Despite the final score, I liked our performance in the second period. We have a new group, the guys are getting used to each other.

- SKA made errors in defence. Why couldn't you score more goals?

SKA - Admiral. Press-conference

- We missed chances when clean through. Kirill Marchenko and Andrei Kuzmenko converted their opportunities, but we couldn't. We need quality.

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- It was a good match, we scored nice goals. Yes, parts of the second stanza weren't great, but overall it was a solid performance. I would like to thank the fans for coming here and supporting us.

- How would you rate Mikhail Vorobyov's performance?

- He did well.

- Danila Moiseev played both out wide and down the middle.

- It's great that he can play in any position. He did well, we can see why he is playing for SKA.

- Asides from the Igor Ozhiganov - Oscar Fantenberg pairing, who will be your remaining leading defensive partnerships?

- We are searching for options. We will make our final decisions closer to the playoffs.

- Matvei Michkov scored twice. Weren't you worried that Admiral's players were going to play dirty against him in the closing stages, given the score?

- In one incident, an opponent ended up falling over, not Matvei. At his age, Matvei needs to play in the correct manner, we're guiding him in the right direction. Not everyone has the gift of scoring so easily. The main thing is for us to develop his qualities.

- How will you calm the players down before the next match against Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg?

- Did you want to see a 1:0 scoreline? We play for the supporters, I think that they enjoyed this game today. Hopefully, we will score a lot of goals in the next match too.

- Are you disappointed to concede two goals?

- It's never nice to concede. When the score is so large, players can tend to relax. You have to play for the full 60 minutes.

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